Life Without Boundaries

Modern religious pluralism is really not modern. The ideas have been around for some time and are based on the desire to accept all people and not be exclusive. This applies to sources of truth as well. All sources of truth are equally valid but no source of truth is exclusive. It is acceptable to not agree with other religions as long as we don’t say they are wrong or disturb their growth in anyway. This leads to a form of moral relativism that asserts nobody is either exclusively right or wrong so moral choices are individual and we need to allow each person to make their own choices and know that they are right for them. This may sound good on paper but it just does not work.

A cup of water without boundaries is a puddle on the floor. Having five different people offer five different ways to drink the water does not hold the water in the cup any better. Truth is not a negotiable item. A person being rude and offensive does not become kind simply by saying words like rude and offensive should not be used. For every question there is a true answer and a best solution. Sometimes they may contradict for a given question but taking the best solution and claiming it is the true answer when it is not does not make it true. For true toleration to take place each religious group would have to rewrite their individual doctrines to state they were not the only way. If not, they will compete and overstep the line of toleration frequently. This is historically what has occurred. Intending the desire to have them rewrite their doctrine by calling them to tolerate is duplicitous. Telling people to relax and experience the moment instead of following their religious paths is in fact creating yet another religion that needs to be tolerated and is being exclusive of the choices of other religions.  Anti-religion is still religion with doctrines created by the practitioners. A cup of water without boundaries is a mess, not a better solution. Anti-truth will never be truth.

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