Why a Blog?

My name is Gregory Green. I am a novice blogger, a bad poet, a part time visionary, full time thinker, and a realist. I am very conservative in my liberality and believe that moderation is the key. I have a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Divinity. Basically that means I understand how sin distorts the mind, how God can fix it, and how my student loans will outlive my next two cars. My inner child is constantly at war with my old soul and sometimes the greatest peace I can find comes from the NFL or a golf club. I have been a Pastor in various churches on and off for the last 25 years and spent time in several different mission fields.

The intention of this Blog is to discuss ancient ideas through modern themes. Knowledge is power; however knowledge poorly used is deadly. Theology in a vacuum does nothing for God and philosophy by itself seems to leave humans empty. Somewhere in between there is value.

  1. #1 by philipquintasmusic on December 18, 2013 - 5:09 pm


    I wrote this today:

    if I am wrong and there is no God,
    then I will never know. I will sleep forever
    peaceful in the void, never to wake again.
    However, if God does exist,
    I consider it wise to exhaust all my life seeking him
    with all my heart, just in case.

    And since it was too long to post to Twitter, I Googled “Christian Philosopher”.
    That is how I found your blog, I like what I read and hope to return to it soon.


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